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You’ve heard about celebrities getting a Vampire Facial®, but did you know this innovative facial is available in El Dorado Hills and San Jose, California, at Excel Medicine? Dr. Shail Singh offers this patented skin rejuvenation therapy that uses the power of your own growth factors and microneedling to reveal more radiant skin. Find out more about this popular facial by calling today or booking a consultation online.

Vampire Facial Q&A

What is a Vampire Facial?

A Vampire Facial is an innovative, patented skin rejuvenation therapy performed by approved providers like those at Excel Medicine. 

The facial combines the regenerative potential of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your blood with microneedling. The combination helps promote the growth of younger-looking skin at the cellular level.

What are the benefits of PRP?

PRP is used in medicine due to its potential restorative benefits. Excel Medicine offers PRP to help encourage hair regrowth after hair loss and to enhance the appearance of your skin through Vampire Facials.  

Why get a Vampire Facial?

A Vampire Facial is a unique procedure to help revive a dull, dry complexion to reveal radiant, more youthful-looking skin. You may opt for the facial to:

  • Minimize wrinkles
  • Plump up sagging skin
  • Reduce deep facial creases
  • Improve your complexion
  • Diminish acne scars

The Excel Medicine team also uses the PRP component of a Vampire Facial to promote the growth of new, healthy hair if you’re experiencing hair loss.

What happens during a Vampire Facial?

Your Excel Medicine provider draws a small amount of blood, only 2-4 tablespoons. They use a medical device called a centrifuge, which isolates the growth factors from the rest of your blood.

Your provider applies a microneedling device to your face, rolling it around your treatment area. The microneedling tool creates micro-punctures, approximately 8,000 tiny punctures per minute. 

These micro-punctures create multiple channels for the growth factors and stimulate the tightening process in your skin by encouraging the growth of new collagen fibers.

Next, your Excel Medicine provider paints the growth factors onto the micro-punctures. These growth factors then kickstart multipotent stem cells inside your skin. The cells trick your skin into thinking it has an injury and should generate new, younger skin.

Your Vampire Facial takes only 45 minutes to an hour. Afterward, you may notice your skin appears tighters and glows with color and scars may appear less noticeable, although results vary.

How long do Vampire Facial results last?

You may notice an improvement for 2-3 months. Your Excel Medicine provider discusses what to expect during your consultation. They may recommend regularly returning for Vampire Facials to maintain your enhanced, glowing look. 

Are you ready to explore the rejuvenating benefits of a Vampire Facial or PRP? Call Excel Medicine today or book a consultation online.